William "Mark Mendoza" Daniel

William Mark Mendoza Daniel

Date of Birth
March 23rd 1996. Doncaster: England
Eye Coulor
Hair Coulor
Amanda Daniel (Mother)

Unknown Fater. James Daniel (Brother)

Unknown Brother
Kappus Michael "Dee Snider" Lovell James. (Best Friend)

Nicholas "Eddie Ojeda Weaver. (Best Friend) Donald "Jay Jay French" McDonald (Best Friend) Joseph "A.J Pero" Brethren (Best Friend) Angus Johnathan Magregor (Best Friend) Lovik Bonto Gogenburg.(Best Friend) Yuri Kolmeir (Personal Best Friend) Boomhour "Boomer" Ratliff (Personal Best Friend) Werner (Close Friend)

Jane Tatum Parklands (Girlfriend)
"Doug" "Will" (by Kappus and Nic)

William "Doug" Mark Mendoza Daniel was a veteran Boy Scout Lieutenant who served under Scout Captain Kappus James and his teacher Mr Havlock. he was good friends with Kappus Michael Dee Snider Lovell James and Nicholas Eddie Ojeda Weaver and Donald Jay Jay French McDonald and Joseph A.J Pero Brethren, Angus Johnathan MacGregor and Lovik Bonto Gogenburg, he was one of Kappus`s 2nd Lieutenant`s in his rockband plus he was also a good and close friend to Longshot, he was one of the men to leave Christchurch due to the Christchurch Earthquake the 7.1 maguntude, whist he was their he fell in love with a girl named Jane Parklands. he also fought in World War III having traveld with Kappus on many accasions.


Early Life in EnglandEdit

William Doug Daniel was born in Doncaster England, on March 6th 1996 and was born to british parents. he as mentioned was a funny man who told jokes his father worked at Doncaster train works, however his Mother disided to move to New Zealand because that they thought it was a better place their.

First day at Bunny Scouts and Encouter with KappusEdit

Will was also encountered Kappus and he became his best friend. he along with friends Donald and Joseph both befriended Kappus and Nicholas and they all became bestest friends.

Move to San Francisco and love of his lifeEdit


  • William is believed to be of British Decent and due to his Doncaster accent he is concurrently friendly and nice,
  • As one of the few trusted Lieutenants the other his friend Nic together enjoy being Kappus's two Lieutenants loyal to him, mostly considering them to be his bodyguards,
  • Will is described to be friendly and kind which Jane loves,
  • Will is stated he loves Jane the fact to the same nature to each other he and Jane share British heritage together which is why they both resemble Romeo and Juliet,
  • William is based on Will Daniell, named after a friend Colby knows in real life,