''The Mighty B! episode Who Let the Dogs In?
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June 12, 2009
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Night Howl is the twelfth episode of The Mighty B Fanon's first season. Date July 22, 2018


Bessie and the his pal puppy Happy finds the different at the TV. Watch this and high speed Donald. A watches his TV. Happy sleeping his blanket. The car drives Happy puts a pedal shot car inside a plays a music. Bessie runs a speed him and she screams him to a raccoon. Happy drives a car to a music stopped. Bessie finds the other Jak’s Bar to a dog fight another Both howls to a friend. Bessie inflates the bone a nice tonight. Bessie finds can a dog dances in a ballroom talent show. Bessie says ’’Sorry!’’ his together start a show ends. The crowd cheer sound applause and claps. Bessie says ’’Happy?’’ Happy And Roxxy doing a dance to Chuck E.’s Halloween Happy Dance Bessie means a Shirley Temple please? the live show ends. The crowd cheer sound applause and clapping. Bessie says Awww Yay Happy Yay! Happy looks at her face to a Happy barks. Roxxy growls to a maybe. his bar a Bessie And Happy dances to a can dance moves a high jump and claps. puts a rose down. and takes a bow. and the showtime ends. The crowd cheer sound applause claps and howls. Bessie insides have time to go home with us and say goodbye to us. Happy whistling sound Then Bartender Dog presses into a button. and the other dogs. to a into casino the other dogs. jackpot to a Happy’s barking. End Of The Episode On NickToons.


  • There watches On NickToons
  • Amanda Bynes, Jamie Lynn Spears, Jessica Chaffin, Angus Oblong, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ashley Tisdale, Brenda Song and Billy Ray Cyrus Guest Stars as The Other Dogs


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