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 May 17, 2008
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Penny Hearts Joey is the first episode of The Mighty B Fanon's first season. It is the pilot episode. May 21, 2018


Bessie And His Friends going to Jumping Joey’s Parody of Chuck E. Cheese’s to a pizza padookles. his a dance floor. a kids can a eat! His a Mascot Kangaroo Joey The Talking Singing Kangaroo plays some Band Of Marsupiles. Purple Kangaroo Vanilla Kangaroo Yellow Kangaroo And Green Bear to dance his band. Joey The Animatronic Kangaroo Microphone Vanilla Kangaroo Vocals Purple Kangaroo Trumpet Yellow Kangaroo Drums Sticks Green Bear Guitar a his Stage. to a Penny yells his to. the music stops his concert to a Bessie another his destruction. He’s is not a robot so bad Everyone. his animatronics to him The Hive Bessie finds Joey gloves to a Silly Kangaroo or Crazy Kangaroo. this friend Missing Joey. Bessie comes up Penny to inside him jumping down. the chase his both getting ready to flying. At The Zoo. Hippie is now Kangaroo. Bessie, Penny and Joey flying the hot air balloon. after back to Jumping Joey’s is again tonight. making friends going to a party dance. End Of The Episode On Nickelodeon UK


  • This is the first Fanon episode.


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