Nicholas Eddie Ojeda Weaver,

Nicholas Eddie Odeja Weaver.2

Date of Birth
August 12th 1996
Hair Color
Dirty Blond
Eye Color
Work Jobs
201 Boy Scouts,
Intelligence Officer
Lee Weaver, (Mother,) Rebecca Weaver, (Sister.)

  • "It won't matter if we together you know I kinda love whoever is of race?"
  • Nic to Gwen
  • "Oh I am sorry if I just said something about you?"
  • Nic to Gwen
  • "I understand Nicky?"
  • Gwen to Nic about her feelings for him,

"Nicholas Eddie Ojeda Weaver," in Colby's stories, is the name of a veteran boy Scout Lieutenant that lived in New Zealand and is a best Friend of Kappus Michael Dee Snider Lovell James. he is one of seven brand new twisted Sister replasement guys that replaced the old Twisted Sisters band Members, Nic and the rest of the Band along with Kappus would soon move to the USA in San Fransico, and would live with Kappus, Nic is one of Kappus drivers that drove the astin martin, Nic would fall in love with Gwen Wu an asian girl, he is greatfull for being the best guy in Kappus`s rock Band,


Nicholas Eddie Ojeda Weaver was born in Christchurch New Zealand on August the 12th 1996. he was born to New Zealand Parents who where Lee Weaver who was his Mother and his Father Darren Weaver and Nic also had a sister named Rebecca Weaver, Nic lived in Wigram Christchurch,

Later on in 2001 durring his life he started Troop201 Burnham Scouts and made best friends with Kappus Michael Dee Snider Lovell James on his first day of Scouts, he seemed to be very kind to Kappus becuase he respeded him and always trusted him, later that next year he made best friends with William Mark Mendoza Daniel and Donald Jay Jay French McDonald and Joesph A.J Pero Brethren and Angus Jonathan Magregor and Lovik Bonto Gogenburg.

Later durring 2001 he and the boyscouts went to a trip to the Christchurch museum and there however he did however go through the cave of darkness, he also witnessed a Boy Scout Kano Wiremu who caught claustrophibia and also Kappus saves Kano's life and he thanks him for saving his life, Nicholas however was real happy of Kappus on how he did well, he knew that Kappus would later get a life saving badge for saving Kano, they continued to walk around the displays even by going later through the old town of a 19th centery area, he walks through it by not only looking at it but he renacted as a man though the old town of a repical of an old town of christchurch, however one scout, Tobias Ipswich however said, "Nic you are stupit and dumb, so ha ha ha," which was bullying him however, He said back to him, "Go on rape a horse you good for nothing bully," he replies back to him, then Kappus helps him out as well, later after the museum however Kappus is awarded the life saving badge for saving Kano,


  • He is named after Colby's friend in real life, Nicholas Weaver.