Lovik Bonto 'Behnn' Lovely Gogenburg

Lovik Bonto Gogenburg!

Hair Colour
Crimson Red/ used to be blond
Eye Colour
Type of Character
Main Character
'Behnn' 'Lovely' (by Andria Wynn)
Andria Wynn

Kappus Michael Dee Sndier Lovell Dario A.K.A James(best friend)

(Everyone in the Bunny's and Honeybees)
Science, Andria Wynn

Lovik Bonto 'Behnn' Gogenburg is the main character of the Mighty B! Storys writen by Colby James, is his the trouble makers and of course the smarter and evil genius and is of German Anstery,


Early Life

Lovik Bonto Gogenburg was born in Germany in 1996 on June 1st, he was rased by his family their and later moved in 2000 to Christchurch New Zealand and joined the Bunny's, he became Kappus's friend and later his rockstar member and the amplifier man, he of course became the sientist and evil genius when his brains went out of control, he was of course half evil and could make contraptions for Kappus to use, 

Life with the Honeybees.

He was later retired from Bunny's after his family went to move to the USA and went to San Fransico, where their family took a new life after the great Canterbury Earthquakes of 2010/2011, he volunteered for the Honeybees with the teacher of Mary Francis Gibbons the leader of the Honeybees, he did cause trouble their and of course did become weird, one day he tried to frame Kappus from Honeybees, but it did not work, and the Honeybees found Kappus was not the trouble maker and it was Lovik, Kappus tried to confront Lovik because he had brought trouble, but told him that it wasn't his fault and was working for K.G Banica to stop Kappus, but was fooled by Banica and turned to the good side again, but still doing Evil Sientist things, he developed a crush on Honeybee Andria Wynn who returned his feelings, but she was worried and cross with Lovik being a evil genius so of course she trys to help him out not to be evil.