List Of Episodes From The Mighty B! Adventures This Broadcast by rtajr

Season 1 (2016-17)Edit

  • Season 1 contains 20 episodes.
  • All episodes were written by Alexandria Ponce
Number Title Summary Airdate
1 Hal Meets The Dogcatcher (Hal meete les plices) Bessie get ready for a bravest drag Hal is a Dogcatcher. to a birth at Bessie’s House. Happy plans to remember a eat time up. Bessie news a fart of charge to a room. Hal get out of the danger. November 25, 2016
2 Ben takes the house (Ben prend le Mansion) Ben was lying to scaring Happy. Ben is a birth at the hospital January 27, 2014 in terror find the bad nightmares. November 9, 2016
3 At The Zone (A la zone) Bessie gets scared to a scary predators. Gwen and Hal is a savage bloods terror of rise. his hand Finguerre November 17, 2016
4 Horrfied Bees (Abeline Horrories) The Honeybees of a cannot ruin this swap his fire in the horror. Anton is bad to Honeybees November 18, 2016
5 Portia’s Revenge (Le rechanza pout Portia) Portia is an revenge to his friends coming to runs away December 7, 2016
6 Fuels of Gwen (Fuetés de Gwen) Gwen makes to sexy his weapons him Nisa and Penny. December 30, 2016
7 To is a Bessie (Toút moúnt de Bessie) Bessie means his computer Puppy-Net to us her star new falls. December 24, 2016
8 Penny Loses a Point (Penny pert un Point) Penny is a toweled to Ben. August 27, 2017
9 Bessie and Ben Best Friends Forever (Bessie et Ben amis les maquiques) Bessie and Ben loving a heart to make a friendship February 22, 2017
10 The New Studio (Les mousin Studio) Bessie plays the studio to a world of dance shine up plays Shake It Up! November 26, 2016
11 Blue Dog and Bee (Bleu Chieu et Abeline) Bessie and other Happy to friends his Blue Moon December 1, 2016
12 Evil Brat (Mechance gosse) Bessie is terrfied in horror star of dream big his blood November 1, 2016
13 Happy’s Stucked in Wrath (Happy menducan mond tourtise) Happy meets Bessie to reminds friends to a played Happy is take of a charge a locked. March 2, 2017
14 Toot for us (Toot sous nous) Toot exciting Roxxy for him Bessie’s House to return or friends March 1, 2017
15 Showtime for Bessie (Show De Bessie) Bessie is now right cause friends to us February 2, 2017
16 What a friend! (Que amigo!) Bessie sucks rock to a prints February 17, 2017
17 Well us (Para sí) Bessie is magicing to a dance for us March 14, 2017
18 Come for us (Vamos Feliz!) Bessie and Happy jumps high and down May 6, 2017
19 Easy Time (Sinos para) Bessie, Ben Happy and his friends to friend a jump with Mona. September 14, 2017
20 Come Stand Up With Me (Sí para listos) Bessie chases to into a house. December 12, 2017

Season 2 (2018)Edit

Number Title Summary Airdate
21 Friend To Us Bessie comes up Stand Up With Her Friends! April 30, 2018
22 Rival Team Bessie rivals Dragonflies at the end Series Finale July 15, 2018