List of Episodes from The Mighty B!

Season 1: 2016-2018Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1a Agenda Day Bessie tries not to eat a nose takes a The Trick Badge November 7, 2016
1b Track Alone A test for new idea get inside. November 7, 2016
2a Time Coming Day Portia's returns prize room. November 14, 2016
2b Ew. That's Stinks Penny gets dumbed to get bad trap dogs. November 14, 2016
3a Come to the Stay Bessie watches a new cartoon episode. 'Bad to the Bee' November 21, 2016
3b Thanksgiving Brand Bessie and friends to some thanksgiving wood. to her Portia is a witch getting her some love. November 21, 2016
4a Back News Bessie, Naisy and Bader finds to Raseberry attack game. November 28, 2017
4b Weekend at Anton St. Germain's Ben and Anton St. Germain going to Carlito con Queso's to sign a stage named Senorita Sarah Mesquite. November 28, 2017
5a Inside the dark Bessie finds the tries Arnold into the charge her lights to party and dance. November 28, 2016
5b It's a Wonderful Nisa Reddy Bessie does to treehouse in order to be sexual and run after seeing a beautiful rock star on TV. Bessie's mom says that she needs more practice. Nisa Reddy's mom and dad to find trap all new Does you mean? Can you do for now? November 28, 2016
6 You Back, It's New, Bessie rocks the band to stage live at Bessie's house. But suddenly, her Cherry whispers in her ear that Robot-Portia isn't real. She's not sick with Gwen? August 9, 2017
7 Let's Time Dance Bessie gets the stage for band to parties night dreams for all. Songs from Let's Time Dance I New To Know It Sung by Gwen Wu, Portia Gibbons and Everyone Let's Party Sung by Bessie and Together September 18, 2017
8a Bess-Tales Bessie going to story read 'Portia the perfect awesome agenda'. May 26, 2018
8b The Brave Little Sidekick Bessie finds the magic to destiny. all gets ready for celebration special. May 26, 2018
9a Get Inside Bessie insides the investigate to named Happy. July 20, 2017
9b Benjamin as Bessie Higgenbottom costume Bessie finds the pictures to gorilla scouts. July 20, 2017
10a Time for Us Bessie quicks to whistle of language Mexico named strong gay. March 3, 2017
10b The Bess-E and Gwen Show Bess-E and Gwen famous live show tonight to performance showtime. March 3, 2017
11a Where is Happy? Bessie takes Happy with her squeaker to nice of dogs. April 22, 2018
11b Dance To The Star! Bessie gets a lights member to song the language of name. April 22, 2018
12a Bessie and the inside trail Bessie and Ben finds to the Africa a wood to zoo. March 17, 2018
12b Ben's test Bessie tells a stink a zucchini watching a clock to cringe Penny. March 17, 2018
13a Doodle of Doom Bessie and Gwen going to makes bad to trap inside closed. February 10, 2018
13b Moving Bee-Bass Shaymus betrays Ben to inside her water. February 10, 2018
14a Dangerous Insanity the troop leader gets to bad inside for scary to danger for us has a nightmares to crash and runs away. June 29, 2018
14b Trapped Rat Bessie and Penny tries to get new danger evil rat named Bad Rat. June 29, 2018
15 Who where is it Bessie goes to take to us Portia as a monkey to her sweet her himself. February 23, 2018
16a Good some diving Bessie finds the runaway stage named Portia Gibbons it's a week to a job nice idea. May 6, 2018
16b Hat burgers Bessie finds the hot creature. May 6, 2018
17a The Hive Creature Bad Points Gwen destroys into the take alone trap with Higgenbottom's troops. March 24, 2017
17b The Treat Idenity Bessie finds her new walk inside to dance trap beat. March 24, 2017
18a Double Trick Bessie finds the race to started new game show. January 30, 2017
18b Mad New Troops Bessie, Nisa, Molly, Mrs. Gibbons and Satha to finds new bad troops. January 30, 2017
19a Field of Games Happy goals a new game. July 17, 2018
19a Portia and Gwen Shouting for Ice Cream Portia and Gwen getting ready for ice cream to a people for new friends. July 17, 2018
20a New Popular Bessie starts all new pop culture from Chuck E. Cheese's new pizza boxes and cups 2018. June 19, 2018
20b That's All Bessie wins the challenge popular to new stage. June 19, 2018

Season 2: 2015-2017Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
21a Happy taking a bath Bessie takes a bath with Happy inside to dirty wrong. What just for like Happy? February 23, 2015
21b Short a Person Bessie puts a microwave to under wave for us. Where's Mr. Wu? February 23, 2015
22a Start to End Bessie and Happy rewind at the movie for cinema The SpongeBob Movie 2 Sponge out of Water March 19, 2015
22b Gessie, Bortia and Pwen Bessie, Portia, Gwen and Penny switches the bodies like animals. March 19, 2015
23a A Tail with number Bessie randoms to her fast him to changer. May 25, 2015
23b Upset with Portia Let's her down posing picture Portia Gibbons. May 25, 2015
24a I'm a Rainbow Bessie finds the rainbow to hell inside. July 30, 2015
24b Suck at All Mr. Wu and Mrs. Gibbons finds her Bessie and Girl from Name Shame takes him to a stage. July 30, 2015
25a Epic Free Bessie finds her watch Ripped Pants. July 31, 2015
25b Portrait of Tigerlily's Gentials Tigerlily Roberts as a bad character who inside the dances inside. July 31, 2015
26a Logan's Girl Bessie gets strong for make her Lesia. August 11, 2015
26b The Good and the Bad Story Ben and Happy turns appears her clubhouse. August 11, 2015
27a Give me a best Brother Bessie yells ''Brother'' he walks her fast. May 17, 2015
27b Mariachi Dance Bessie dances her mariachi her a song. May 17, 2015
28a Jump and Dance Bessie, Gwen and Happy dances her trap for next night. September 27, 2017
28b Lights, Camera, Bessy Gwen takes photos with Vet to inside the light. September 27, 2017
29 Bad stinky dumbs Bessie leaving her car inside to music her crash inside with Stacky's house. January 20, 2016
30a only at games Bessie wins a awesome game. September 14, 2016
30b Ballerina Nisa Reddy When Nisa dances to with you now her dancing. Who is the dancing? September 14, 2016
31a A Trip at the Legend Bessie rides her language jump he is Mighty B's curtains stage. November 12, 2017
31b Space Invaders Bessie and his friends finds to space another a new expect. November 12, 2017
32a The Charm Lurks Bessie and Happy finds the absorbs to her new inside to bang into the drum. Debut Apperance Donald March 29, 2017
32b Dance for Us Gwen dances with performance a live show. March 29, 2017
33a Judge Madness Bessie messages to second for bad tray. April 7, 2017
33b Bullet Cupid Bessie Bessie says to all of us with for now. April 7, 2017
34a Bad to the Bee Bessie locks her dive her sick back for bee to new dream. October 29, 2017
34b The Gwen who cried Evil Digit Gwen gets scared to runs away for Evil Digit. October 29, 2017
35a Bad Nice Bessie's nightmare for bad dream to getting scaring by a together. October 17, 2017
35b Hypnotizing Troops Bessie finds the hypno a tornado to a destruction. October 17, 2017
36a An i See Dog Happy finds the yellow dog Dappy. How will Happy help her? August 3, 2017
36b Bading and Running Bessie takes all a messy. August 3, 2017
37a Messy Stinkinbottom the dangerous Messy Stinkinbottom finds the woman him to scout troop. March 30, 2017
37b Teenage Mad Evil Sidekicks Nisa and friends getting scared for new bad toot toot troop savage. March 30, 2017
38a Costume Trick Bessie or nuts her time for bikini bottom. June 26, 2016
38b The Mighty Lesie! Lesie the girl who us with her friends. How can Lesie explain her deed to Nisa to Millie? June 26, 2016
39a A Zucchini Bessie taking her zucchini finds her Happy stomach. July 2, 2016
39b Choose a Pat Pat finds her girlfriend Madsy. July 2, 2016
40a The Bee and the Sea Bessie catches a fish to a sword fish. November 29, 2017
40b Years fun with Mighty B Bessie and Happy to wins him Celebrating April 26th 2018.

Season 3: 2017-2018Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
41a U.S.A Day Bessie times for us Finger gets in him. July 4, 2018
41b Cracker for us A Alergria to us a joy. July 4, 2018
42a The new us Bessie goes to a stage. November 30, 2017
42b Spin up down Bessie jumps high with Portia to a score dings. November 30, 2017
43a Table game Bessie somethings with a shame to friend pal named Kraken. September 15, 2017
43b Call with me Bessie sales of a taffy posters name of charge. September 15, 2017
44a Happy's New Toy Happy finds a toy. June 23, 2018
44b Tooth or Dare Bessie going loose her tooth. June 23, 2018
45a Forbidden Friendship Happy sniffs his blows to himself. April 14, 2018
45b  Oh Yeah Mr. Krabs Bessie goes a strong death. April 14, 2018
46a Good Today Happy finds a banana peeled. June 1, 2018
46b An American Tail Gwen finds a bad to a today. June 1, 2018
47a A Tale of Two Boosters Ben turns out to a evil boosters. May 22, 2018
47b The Only to a Goodnight Bessie finds her inside her say goodnight to Happy May 22, 2018
48a Put a Finger Bessie finds a Finger to a new Portia's secret. May 30, 2018
48b Sad Millie Millie feels sad to out of pad. May 30, 2018
49/50 The Mighty B Movie [1995] This movie is film by home video VHS March 13, 1997 UK June 21, 1998 release on DVD January 10, 2000 UK March 3, 2005 November 28, 1995
51a Raise with hand Bessie goes to game room. June 10, 2018
51b Rid of Stuff Portia comes with a accident. June 10, 2018
52a Go Happy Bessie finds with Happy. May 15, 2018
52b The Ding-A-Ling-Bros Circus Bessie, Portia, Gwen and Penny gets ready for a circus. Debut Apperance Joey the Animatronic kangaroo May 15, 2018
53a iTroop Bessie going to ending for episodes. June 16, 2018
53b Clue So Much Going with sidekicks to more. June 16, 2018
54a Say Cheese Bee Bessie goes them and more. July 21, 2018
54b Listen and Heard Ronnie plays the new game. July 21, 2018
55a Try of Us Bessie goes the machine. May 20, 2018
55b Teen Higgenbottom Nisa finds her sex named Higgenbottom 7. May 20, 2018
56a Take of Us Portia's language to a game. July 14, 2018
56b Ricky the yes Ricky and his both to a remember. July 14, 2018
57a Perfect Best Another good for hears. June 24, 2018
57b Say Good Sky of nice get for a friendship. June 24, 2018
58a Take us A new idea for special. July 18, 2018
58b If for now Goes to a showroom. July 18, 2018
59/60 The Mighty School Play Bessie finds the take him. Portia and Gwen him to costume. Ben names her breakfast go to a school right now. Penny as a Pajama. Honeybee scouts gets ready for new him. audience goes wild for him. Wins the Applause-O-Meter Stinky Tolerable and Bravo to wins a Ta-Da Badge. Series Finale