Lily Hesterton Is the pet turtle of Kappus Dario. he often calls her "Baby Girl" because he's a mentally handicapped trans-sexual Turtle, he is known to have a purple shell, violet linings, and Purple eyes, and also known to have brown hair, and lips like a female, and also known to have beautiful eyelashes,

Lily Hesterton

Lily, Kappus's turtle


When Lily was brought when Kappus was only Nine years old, he had a great relationship to Kappus, he also loves his friends as best friends too,

At the time when the Christchurch Earthquakes occurred in 2011 on February 22nd, he like all of the family of friends moved to San Francisco USA California, he also lived in an abandoned Hotel where Kappus and his friends and their family's lived in, however when Kappus isn't around he pretties himself up as he puts beautiful makeup on, and if Kappus comes home sees him like he did, he would say, "Oh Lily you cutie, you found my friends mother's makeup, now open up your mouth and close your eyes!" he would feel happy for him, and also he would play doctors with him too, also when Kappus fell for Millie
he as well fell for Chester Turtleton, he liked Chester because obviously together they have a lot in common, this is because Kappus and Millie together have a huge crush and a big relationship between them, Lily however wants to be like Kappus and marry Chester to have a baby turtle, sometimes Kappus would often bring Lily with him to see Chester, and whenever he went on a trip on holiday he would ask Millie to kindly take good care of her and this is the moment where Chester would have his tender moments with Lily, and also he and him kissed oneday as Kappus and Millie together kissed,