Kanois 'Kano' Vance Wiremu

Kano Wiremu

Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Type of Character
Supporting Character
Voice Actress
Known as
"Kano" all of the time for short, and known to be Kappus's right handed man
Kappus Dario (Friend)
Tigerlily Roberts (Girlfriend and love interest and possible future husband)
Nisa Ganish Reddy (best friend)
(all Bunny Scouts and Honeybees)
First Apperance

Kanois Vance Wiremu also known as Kano was a Maori New Zealander form the parents to the Pacifica Islander Polynesians family of the throne or their former father's of the throne the Wiremu's, Kano was born around 1996 to the Wiremu family and raised in Christchurch by his family where he was born in and was also a member of the Troop201 Bunny Scouts, Kano was well known to have Claustrophobia in tight spaces that where narrow, onetime on a trip to the Christchurch Museum in the cave he was stuck and Kappus saved his life, Kappus however later asked Kano to be his right hand man and comrade in arms serving his Sergeant, Kano however later in 2011 moved to the USA like all his Bunny Scouts despite issues due to the 6.3 in Christchurch wrecked the Recreation Centre, the Bunnies went to San Francisco joined in with Honeybee Troop828 as Teacher Aids, Kano however was told to be a very nice kid like he helped Tigerlily out on so many occasions to help her with issues like Rollerblading skills she was afraid of, Kano however has a blocked noise voice and also a little scared but can always be friendly to help with Tigerlily, like as such he in future is confirmed for Colby James that Logan Grove the former actor of Amazing World of Gumball would voice him,


Early Life

Troop828 life

San Francisco Present Day


  • Kano has a pimple on his face.
  • Kano was a character created for Colby James's books and future ideas of the show, also mainly because Colby knew as half the Maori's, such as Rhaa, and Wiremu a student whom went to Hagley Community Collage, and as such Colby's interest was to bring a character with such neediness and a geeky personality for the future of the Mighty B! that being why he is nicer and a kind personality,