Isaac 'Scaredy" Miriam

Isaac Miriam (2)

Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Type of Character
supporting character
Voice Actress
Eddie Deezen
Known as
'Scaredy' because Portia thinks he is frightening,
Kappus Dario (friend)
Henry McKovski (best friend)
Marie G. Malarkey (love interest and future husband)
(all Bunny Scouts and Honeybees except for Portia and Gwen)
First Appearance

Isaac Miriam known as Scaredy was a former Bunny Scout serving with Troop201 in New Zealand, he is known to be a very rich kid and as well very friendly that meets the eye with Kappus and the friends, as why he was called Scaredy was because Portia and Gwen think he is frightening due to him being richest ever, he has a crush on Marie G. Malarkey who also returns his feelings, his likes as well to serve cup a tea to Kappus whenever he went around at his house and even to his girlfriend Marie, he seems to be kind and as well be good friends along with Marie, Kappus, and his best mate Henry McKovski and as well very best friends with most Honeybees but except Portia and Gwen who find him frightening as too resistant to get over his richness, he is a kind former Bunny Scout that helps out whenever it is needed,


Early Life

Troop828 life

San Francisco Present Day


  • Isaac is a kind Bunny or was a bunny that helped out with anyone at dyer need, he was revealed he helped out with Marie if needed help,
  • His favorite role is serving a Cup a Tea,
  • Isaac looks exactly like Kappus Dario, but except he bares similar towards one of the Beaver Scouts named Roulf Jenkinson, but is different, only has 2 teeth for front and doesn't need braces as a result.
  • Isaac however was created for Colby's future Mighty B! show as such he considers Eddie Deezen for his fulfill roles because he might fit in, as Eddie Deezen could have been for Mighty B!,