Ilya Snowdon is a Taffy Factory Worker and one of the youngest members working at the Taffy Factory, his duties where working in an engine room alongside his fellow companion Daniel Kerr,

Disaster in San Francisco

However when Nicholas Weaver attempted to go over to help at the Taffy Factory for repairs to a broken machine, the machine broke which caused a huge amount of Honey to flood all over San Francisco, the incident killed most Taffy Factory workers including their boss Mr Griff, however he, Daniel, his boss Mr Griff, and a worker attempted to escape the Honey, however they also complained that they should have had the Chief Engineer look into it, but while Griff however blamed both the two for it, and before they where able to escape, Daniel met his demise when a huge wave of Honey smashed at Daniel and threw him into the pipes killing him instantly, and Mr Griff drowned in the honey unable to swim it, however Ilya was luckier because he was able to survive the flood of Honey, eventually he was rescued by the worker whom helped him to safety,

After the incident he was saved and cared for but had to receive medical attention prior to Kappus's arrival,

Notes in TheNick4Guy's canon story

  • In TheNick4Guy's transcript Ilya was rescued from the honey onto a tugraft by Mr Griff (in canon not following actual events to the story survived), Bessie, Happy, Penny, Kappus, Will, Nisa, Millie, The Hippie, Roxxy, and Tigerlily together rescue Ilya from the Honey,