Donald 'Don' 'Donny' "Jay Jay" 'French MacDonald

Donald Jay Jay French MacDonald with drums,

Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Type of Character
Main Character
Voice actress
Tom Kenny
"Don" or "Donny" sometimes by Bessie
Known as 'Don' by Bessie,
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Donald 'Don' "Jay Jay" 'French' MacDonald, is a veteran Scout Corporal in the Boy Scouts, as one of Kappus teams, he has autism. Don was a good friend to Kappus, Later when the Christchurch 7,1 earthquake hit, Don left New Zealand, for San Fransico, Don was a Bandmember of Kappus rockband, and the brand new twisted sisters, Don in San Fransico would soon find Bessie Higgenbottoms the dream of his life, he and Bessie would fall in love,


Durring his early life Donald McDonald was born in Christchurch New Zealand and was born to his parents both being, Natasha his mother and also his father, durring his life Donald McDonald had cancer which he had but though he had to spend the rest of his life with treatments, He later started Bunny Rochfud Scouts and he devlopeded a friendship with Kappus Michael Dee Snider Lovell James, he had went with Kappus on so many adevntures, Don also went on his first field trip to the Museum and was one of them who thanked Kappus for saving the boy Scout named Kano, he also partispated in the funaral of Kappus`s mother who died, and also Kappus planned a new rock band and he also became a Drummer, he has been on many missions like the one to Mount Range where he helped Kappus and he and William pulled him up, he also went to Quail Island and also helped a boy scout named Werner, also he has helped Kappus on so many accioness and also helped him go to Little River, and also in the last days of boy Scouting Don went to the caves along with fellow trooper Mac, he and Mac decoverd a cave where they saw nothing until Mr Havlock told them about the tresure at another cave which Scout Lieutenant William and Scout Corporal Longshot found, he later had to leave New Zealand because of the 7.1 earthquake and had also to move to San Fransico along wth the rest of Kappus`s friends,

He also became formed into the Brand new Twisted Sister band which replaced the old band member and his members, he became the drummer for the twisted sisters,

In 2011 in Janurary he like most of his crew went to Kiss Kiss Clue, to await Kappus who was followed and stalked by one girl, Portia Gibbons, he also joined the Honeybee Troop-828 and became a Teacher Aid, he also befriended Bessie Higgenbottom, also later becoming Bessie's boyfriend, he became good friends to the Honeybees,


  • Don, should not have been mistaken with the other Donald.
  • His real name is Donald, but he is more referred to as "Don".
  • His name can possibly be a reference to McDonald's mascot Ronald McDonald.