Delice is a town and district of Kirikkale Province in Central Anatolia region of Turkey at the 2000 Turkish census the population of the district was 31,042 of whom 10,512 lived in the town of Delice,

World War IIIEdit

However the Dragonflies took the town to themselves, and they held hostages in that town, including the mayor Ihsan Bicici, unfortunately as Kappus and his squad led a cavalcade of Honeybees on OPERATION TOKAT to search for hidden Gold Bars in a Bank their, Delice was fired upon Mortars by 1st Sergeant Perkins and the town was destroyed by mortar firepower possibly killing the Dragonflies Soldiers and most presumably the civilians,

Known Survivors

  • Six Unknown Civilians


  • Mayor Ihsan Bicici, :KIA in the Dragonfly General's Car:
  • Dragonfly General, Kotiga, :KIA in his car:
  • Numbers estimated to be over 10,505 Civilians killed in the destruction of the town possibly,
  • Dragonfly Forces possibly :KIA: