Daniel "Ted" Kerr was a Taffy Factory Worker and one of the youngest members working at the Taffy Factory alongside his fellow companion with Ilya Snowdon, he worked in the engine room,

Disaster in San Francisco

However when Nicholas Weaver attempted to go over to help at the Taffy Factory with a broken machine what seemed to be clogged with a blockage, Nicholas however did fix it but the system overloaded and exploded causing a massive flood of Honey to spill into the factory and however into San Francisco, when he and Ilya, their boss Mr Griff and a worker attempted to escape the flood that was spreading, Griff told them to make a run to the front door which he called out to both Kerr and Snowdon, Kerr however said this shouldn't have happened to them, while Ilya said they should have reminded the Chief Engineer about it, Griff blamed both Daniel and Ilya for it, however before they where able to escape Daniel met his demise when a big huge flood of Honey swept him away killing him in the process which he hit the pipes smashing and crushing his own skull, although Griff, Ilya, and a worker where thrown aside in the wave, Mr Griff drowned into the honey also as a result Griff couldn't swim, however only Ilya was recued by the worker,