Private Christabel J. Twallace was a NCO assigned to 1st Battalion 509th Infantry Regiment Nobel Company,

Early Life

Not much however is told on Christabel Twallace, but in a possible belief that she was born somewhere in the United States of America, Twallace was a girl scout from an unknown Scout Group, she enlisted to the United States Army and volunteered to be a Paratrooper,

Service in World War III

Training and unlucky day

One day as she was placed to stand at attention to listen to 1st Lieutenant Anton Germain, he told them all passes where revoked, she and all the others where forced to climb up Currahee, on the way however as she climbed to the top, Twallace did receive help from a girl to the top, and also completing the training by the end of the day and later in the night checking the canteens,

The next day during training as they where crawling down against Machine Gun firepower she panicked and tried to escape the battlefield firing in during training, unfortunately she got shot to the leg and also had been thankfully saved on the scene with Kappus and William to the rescue in time, Will also told Twallace that she will make it into hospital, she had to be away from her unit for four weeks until she was allowed back and in good condition, finally returning in a month all alive and well,