Bertie Bert Bertram

Bert Bertram

Date of Birth
June 1st 1958
Date of Death
January 25th 2011 (age 53) San Francisco
Eye Colour
Dark Green
Hair Colour
Grey as of age 50's
unknown family

Bertie "Bert" Bertram was a former Police Officer whom was the Sheriff under Sheriff Murdoch O'Brian's unit Armour Team a until that conceited of over both thirty police cars, he was under call sign of Armour Five on the crossroads, and also he was one whom helped train a new recruit named Junior Grade Officer Michal as well, however on January 25th 2011 when a boy speeding on jetboots cross the city was traveling too dangerously into town, he was called by O'Brian to help stop Kappus Dario whom they tried to arrest for close encounter law breaking and being doomsday machine, however after crossing some fearful dangerous roads like Lombarg Street, where they lost one Police car as a result, and also into China Town and near a cross route where they're he caused a collision a near encounter with the Cable Cars together caused a massive accident, and injured everyone and among them in Armour Five, Bertram was killed in the process after another sliding car slams into his head cracking his skull, but his assistant, Michal was taken to hospital to recover, Bertram was later taken to be buried and remembered for his actions in the terrible accident, Dario however would later help train his recruit Michal and also later take Bertram's place after his death,